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We had so much fun at our BLOCK PARTY on Sunday, July 28, 2013!  That was a few years ago.  It's time for the next one!

A special thank you to Nicole and her team for organizing - and to everyone else who attended and had fun!


Highlights from some of our past block parties:

Dellwood Block Party Music Ensemble

The Flying Purple People Players of the Purple House on Dellwood Road (that's the name of our band) invites you to join this amazing group. We made our debut at the block party!

Purple people are making noise,
purpose people are girls and boys
(little and big, young and old).

Check out the latest exhibit of Dellwood talent. There are several artists, craftspeople, homepreneurs, and other gifted people on Dellwood. We would you like to showcase your talents, gifts, know-how, and services. Please send us links, pictures, descriptions, info, etc. (click here to send).





Are you an artist? Do you want to showcase your talent? We are accepting photos, video, web stuff.




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